Mobile climbing wall

Sport climbing is a fascinating form of exercise. Our climbing wall is designed to resemble the natural rock structure. It has four different routes that can be climbed simultaneously. Climbers are secured by climbing experts or a guide. The ingenious safety system catches you in the event of a fall and thus allows you to climb in safety. The routes offer different levels of difficulty.

The hydraulically operated climbing wall can be set up at various inclines, thus enabling the difficulty of the routes to be varied. The 8-meter (26 feet) height of the wall allows undiluted climbing enjoyment. Hire it for company celebrations, city festivals, events, anniversaries, children’s birthdays, sporting events, schools, playgroups or whatever – the climbing wall will always make you popular.

In visual terms, at over 8 meters in height, the climbing wall towers over all other attractions. Its advertising potential is huge – and you can attach your advertising banner with ease.


1 day
(including one guide for 4 hours):
CHF 1650.–

Additional fees:

Journey: CHF 2.10/km
Additional guides: CHF 98.– per hour,
CHF 650.– per day
Loudspeakers: on request
Banner advertisement: on request


We deliver the climbing wall on a trailer. For the assembly we need a site with solid ground of approx. 10x5m. The Site needs to be accessible to a vehicle with an 8m long trailer.


The assembly of the wall takes approx. 1 hour. For the build up, we need an additional helper. 
  • Included in the price are:
  • 1 guide, rental mobile climbing wall incl. material (shoes, harnesses, ropes)
  • Not included:
  • Journey, rental fee for locations, additional charges (Food, accommodation for guides etc.)